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Air freight means to transport things from one place to another by air. It is one of the most preferred methods of shipping as it offers a faster turnaround, and better availability of the products that are high in demand. Being a business hub, UAE makes use of this type of shipping on a daily basis. All the businesses that trade globally prefer this shipping mode as it is fast and convenient. If you are looking for an air shipping service in UAE, trust Al Awadhi shipping services to enjoy the best deals on shipping.

Reasons to Choose Al Awadhi
At Al Awadhi, we offer the best air cargo services through commercial flights in all the parts of world. We provide all types of shipping services with air freight shipping being one of our most sought out services. Our excellent shipping services have made us the brand we are today and we take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the leading companies in UAE who provide affordable cargo services. Our Highlights are:
Safe Transit
Air shipping is the safest mode of shipping itself. That apart, we ensure additional security of your goods with the help of our experts who keep an eye on everything from packaging to shipping and make sure that everything is done as per the standard processes. Also, the security of your goods is managed by the airport staff which makes it extremely safe and eliminates the chances of theft.
Superfast Services
As we discussed above, air freight shipping is the fastest mode of shipping and timely delivery of the products is almost assured. There are two modes of international shipping that are air and sea with air being the fastest one which makes it a great choice for the ones who want to transport their goods in the least time possible.
Global Coverage
Sky is the limit when it comes to ship goods by air! You can send your goods to almost all the parts of the world. Being capable to cover the entire globe has made air shipping the most preferred shipping service among the businesses and makes it an ideal choice for the companies who trade worldwide.
Our shipping services are very reliable. We make sure to get the work done within the given time in order to keep our clients satisfied. Our experts closely monitor the supply chain to ensure that everything functions the way it is supposed to do!
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