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The food we consume, the cosmetics or other daily life products we use come from different corners of the world. Not all of these are produced in one country, neither it is possible. All the countries import and export certain products in order to maintain the demand and supply chains. It is impossible for any one country to produce what its population needs. That is why import and export is needed. It is a give and take relationship which is essential to keep that balance between demand and availability. We offer reliable import and export services in UAE to help businesses and individuals who are looking forward to make use of food, cosmetics or other items that are not produced in UAE.

A Glimpse of Our Imports

Dubai imports a lot of products that include cosmetics, and food items like rise, sugar, dried legumes etc. There are supermarkets allocated for several countries as well. Here, we have given a glimpse of our imports:

Food Products
We are among the leading companies that import food items with a large customer base in UAE. The food products traded by us include sugar, rice, nuts, dried legumes etc. If you are looking forward to start a new food business or already running one, Al Awadhi can be the perfect solution to all your food product needs. There are various options when it comes to run a food business. You can import foodstuff and use them in your hotel and restaurants, or re-export them; it’s up to you. Get in touch with for all types of chilled, frozen and dry food items such as vegetables, cheeses, pasta, oil, dried legumes and other such products.
Along with the food items, we also deal with cosmetic items which have helped us position ourselves among the top importers of cosmetic items. All our products are of premium quality and deals are best negotiated. Considering the rate at which personal care sector is growing in UAE, cosmetic products are among the few tradable items that promise the best profit one can make out of import and export.
Building Materials
Importing construction materials in bulk from overseas suppliers is quite popular among UAE contractors. The reason is its cost-effectiveness and large profit. Even after paying the import duty, one can extract a good amount of profit just by switching to import from local sourcing. Being a reliable import & export company, Al Awadhi offers the best import services and products in UAE. Get in touch for your building material requirements and leave the rest to our team.
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We are the leading construction company in UAE who undertake all types of construction projects and put the best effort to execute it the way it is supposed to be. UAE is home to the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

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