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For businesses trading internationally, shipping through ocean is the best option as it offers efficient transport at amazingly affordable prices. Being one of the oldest modes of international shipping, sea cargo services are quite popular among the businesses. If you are looking for reliable sea forwarding services in UAE, you are at the right place. Trust Al Awadhi for your sea shipping requirements and enjoy our stress-free services.

Modern Solutions for Modern Needs
Al Awadhi is a modern-day shipping company in Dubai that offers its clients with the most affordable and flexible sea cargo services. We offer excellent global coverage to make sure that our clients can transport their goods in just a few clicks from their home country to anywhere else in the world. With us, your goods remain safe and protected as we make use of the most efficient shipping solutions available for the forwarding of your shipments from the UAE to other worldwide locations.
We Make Shipping Easy
As an advanced shipping company, we follow all the industry’s standards to let our clients plan and manage their shipments and tracking in a convenient, stress-free manner. We allow our customers to monitor, trace, and track the entire progress of shipment in just a few clicks. Our digital sea shipping platform empowers entrepreneurs to take control of their orders like never before. Our customer service team provides 24/7 assistance to clients to keep our quality and reliability at optimum.
It Is Cost-Effective As Well
As discussed, shipping through the sea is actually an efficient low-cost option in comparison the costly air forwarding services. Cost of shipping is one of the major concerns among the business owners, especially if you are a new entrepreneur. And unless it demands superfast shipping, sea freight is the best shipping solution. Through sea shipping, customers can ship goods in bulk. It saves a good amount on shipping cost which is a great benefit of hiring sea shipping services. Our sea cargo services are the ideal solution for small or medium size businesses; we understand your budget and needs, and work to keep our services high-quality & cost-effective at the same time.

Our Highlights

• Wide range of sea cargo shipping solutions available
• Data-driven approach to give efficiency to the supply chain
• Real-time tracking
• Reliable shipping services
• Sea Cargo Logistics support
• Skilled & Experienced Professionals
• Easy & Quick Online Booking
• 24/7 Customer Service

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