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A house is not just a house; it is an emotion! Everyone wants a house that resembles love, togetherness and comfort. We understand this and use this psychology to construct a house of your dreams. At Al Awadhi, our experts keep looking for new construction ideas to keep that home like feeling intact while implementing the latest approaches to give your house a modern, classy look. You want a home where you can best cherish your moments. We understand this and try our best to turn your dreams into reality. Here’s how:

An Eye for Detail
When you get in touch with us for a house construction, the first thing we do is to figure out what you want. We discuss everything in detail in order to ensure you get what you are looking for. A house is a once in a lifetime experience for most of the people. In a city like Dubai, it is quite challenging to construct a luxurious space while keeping those homely vibes on point. To ensure this, we have an eye for detail and read all the aspects carefully before starting the construction.
Plans According To Budget
Our plans define affordability. Our experts will take a look at the design, estimate per square feet cost, consider the possible extra expenses and make changes to it if needed. We keep your budget in mind and work according to that. If you have a good budget, we can suggest you things you can add to the existing design and make it better. Also, if you are low on budget, that’s not something to think over. We can easily replace the expensive content with more affordable ones and make it more cost-effective. This is how it works!
Your Convenience, Our Priority!
We treat our clients as our utmost priority and construct houses keeping their convenience in mind. For instance, we will place the kitchen as close to your main door as possible in order to ensure that you don’t have to walk through the entire house just to deposit groceries. We look at the available space, make improvement to the designs as per the requirement and make a home that defines comfort. We are aware of the harsh weather that UAE has to offer and keep our houses HVAC friendly.
Always Prepared For the Unexpected
Last moment hassle is not a hassle with us! The reason is, we have done enough of construction and have an idea of the possible last moment things. We expect the unexpected and act accordingly. This is how we construct a home of your dreams!
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We are the leading construction company in UAE who undertake all types of construction projects and put the best effort to execute it the way it is supposed to be. UAE is home to the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

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