Chemical List

For Medical and Industrial gases such as:

Argon: which is used as an inert gas for metallic welding purpose and used also in the manufacturing light bulbs.

Carbon dioxide: is used in the food industry, soft drinks and also in cooling for some industries and is used medically in laparoscopic operation.

Acetylene: used in cutting and welding steel processes.

Medical nitrous oxide: used in anesthesia for surgical operations.

Can provide exclusive Agent, We can provide these chemical Products, used in the many industries such as.

Sulfuric acid
which is used in the production of chemical fertilizers, dyes, plastics, industries, iron and car batteries.
Hydrochloric acid
Which is used in the preparation of many chemicals, which in turn are used in many industries.
Alum Sulphate
Is used for the treatment and purification of drinking water and have some food and medical applications.
Which is mostly used for drinking water treatment due to its ability to kill germs and bacteria, as well as in many other industries like paper, textile and synthetic rubber industries,
Caustic soda
Which is used in some industries such as paper and detergents.

The Factory produces household insecticides such as:

  • New Payrosol for flying insects.
  • New Pyrosol for crawling Insects.
  • Pyrosol Mats for mosquitoes.

All aerosols produced from the company’s eco-friendly and do not contain CFCs harmful to the ozone layer.

And we can also provide gases services for its customer, include.

  • Filling HP Cylinders with gases.
  • Cryogenic Tanks, liquid cylinders and HP cylinders.
  • Medical and industrial Gases Networks.
  • Calibration and Specialty Gases.

For agricultural Fertilizers through the latest industrial technology, such as:

Granulated Single/Triple Super phosphate
Which provides for crops the phosphorus needed for growth.
Potassium Sulphate
Which frequently used in fertilizing crops, potatoes, sugar beet, fruits and vegetables.
Compound fertilizer NPK
Which provides the soil with the elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
Di-Ammonium Phosphate DAP
Which provides crops with sugar substances.
Phosphoric Acid
Which is used as a fertilizer in addition of being used in the production of other fertilizers.
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