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20th October 2020

The story of energy starts with the living being on earth that eats food to live and work, because the food empowers his or her metabolism. It is very simple to understand with an example that a vehicle runs after getting energy from the fossil fuels. The man has used energy as a supplement to his limited abilities, so it is very clear that everything needs energy as a primary input to work and make the life routine smooth, contemporarily the energy is mainly extracted from sources like fossils, nuclear and hydropower, this also shows the importance of Renewable energy solutions UAE. The humans are ought to switch to these solutions because

Per capita energy consumption facts

Any country is considered to be prospering on the basis of energy production scale for example the more per capita energy consumption is directly proportional to the living standards of the country’s nationals, so United States of America is on the top of the world in terms of per capita energy consumption, while the country like Ethiopia falls in the list of low per capita energy consumption, which means that a citizen of United Sates of America consumes energy many times more than the citizen of the country Ethiopia.

Industrial consumption of energy is more than any other sectors, especially the manufacturing units that use different energy resources at a time. The countries that fall in the extreme climate zones also have more per capita energy consumptions and this condition is with the developed countries only.

The graph shows the exponential growth of energy demand from 1830 to 1930, while it is expected that the demand will be rocketed to the new standards by the year 2030, the energy demand is growing nearly 5 percent per annum because the Earth’s population is also growing, this growing demand of energy can grow to 10 percent per annum also this also shows the growing demand of Renewable energy solutions UAE, the interesting thing is that the energy resources are unevenly spread all over the world.

The Plight

The world oil reserves are depleting so fast to the level that these reserves will not be able to cope with the energy demand by 2050 in the proportion with the population growth, which will also end up in Building construction investment Dubai.

There are the wise steps taken by the humans in order to avoid the grim situation and they are the only future famous as Renewable energy solutions UAE. The brilliant thinkers are designing the new future of the energy resources, the concepts like vertical gardens and green buildings are going to cut down the energy demand as some of these measures will keep the residence cool in summers and warm in winters for the occupants. The renewable energy resources are The Sun, water, wind and the geothermal power etc.

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